Stephen Arnold

“Fabled Santa”
Memphis, Tennessee
1950 – Current

International Santa Claus Hall of Fame – December 2023

Stephen Arnold seemed a natural for executives to request he fulfill the role of Santa for seasonal Christmas parties. In 2012, a good photography friend called Stephen to ask if he would don the red suit for a country club in Memphis. March 2013, while attending his first Santa Claus Indiana convention, he already had several designs on his computer and when he met Santa Tom Cortemeglia at his sales booth, Stephen showed him some of his thoughts. Tom immediately wanted to join with now Fabled Santa / Stephen to help get them produced for sales. At this event, Stephen met Bob Elkin and Tom Carmody and joined IBRBS.

In August 2013, Stephen realized that while there were a considerable number of Santas in the greater Memphis area, there was no association or club to celebrate the spirit within each of them. He organized a breakfast and many Santas joined him to create what became the MidSouthern Santa Society.

In February 2014 he was elected to the IBRBS board. Shortly afterward the position of Secretary opened and Stephen was asked to assume the role, placing him on the Executive Committee. On the Board, Stephen served as Secretary until June 2018 when he was elected President of IBRBS, a position he still holds.