Tom Cortemeglia

“Santa of Middle Tennessee”
Nashville, Tennessee
1943 – Current

International Santa Claus Hall of Fame – December 2021

Tom Cortemeglia served in the US Navy for total of 41 years from 1961 until retiring in 2002. It was then that Tom “grew up” to be Santa.

He spent his first decade as Santa with Naturally Santa Inc. working at numerous shopping malls around the country.

In 2012, he joined World Wide Photo, and began providing his unique, professional Santa persona to visitor to the premier mall in Frisco, Texas.

In 2016, Santa Tom decided to stay close to home and give the greater Middle Tennessee families and businesses an opportunity to witness a terrific Santa Claus experience. He provided family photo sessions, home visits, government events and corporate parties and activities. 

Tom is a member of many Santa groups, and he operates a quality Santa accessories supply business, Santa’s Clauset. Opening in 2004, Santa’s Clauset has been delivering unique, value-packed Santa and Mrs. Claus accessories to the Santa Claus Community.

Tom has also attended and been a vendor at the many National Santa Claus Conventions.