Bill Patterson

The Santa Experience
Sioux Falls, South Dakota
1952 – Current

International Santa Claus Hall of Fame – December 2023

Growing up in Sioux Falls, SD Bill knew the lore about his father being a depression era Santa, who received a bag of groceries for his efforts. Never expecting to follow in his father’s Santa’s footprints, Bill had a career as a police officer. Retiring after 32 years he stopped shaving.

As time passed and the beard became more and more white, more children (and adults) began calling him Santa. Beginning 2005 he was asked to be Santa at various events. He was called upon to be a last minute fill in Santa at a shopping mall in Sioux City Iowa. Early on Bill realized that there was a great deal that he should and would learn to keep the magic of Christmas alive.

Appearances continued to take Bill across the country from Sioux City, Iowa to Glendale CA. and Denver, CO. for the Dreamworks Imagination “Adventure to Santa”. “Adventure to Santa”, one of the most elaborate Christmas sets ever developed. Bill serves as a mentor/trainer to Santas from around the country. Including a local group of Sioux Falls Santa’s, that he and his wife helped organize.