Cortney Lofton

“Red Sled Santa”
Los Angeles, California
1964 – Current

International Santa Claus Hall of Fame – December 2021

Cortney Lofton is a Master Craftsman, both a world class builder and a Christmas Performer. Mundanely, Cortney is the driving forces behind Lofton Arts and Museum Exhibitions.

Before becoming a Christmas Performer, he was helping Habitat for Humanity and teaching many his craft.

Around 2015, he became a featured Santa in video, film, and print.

Now as one of the most recognized Santas on the West Coast, he uses his skills and creativity constantly, including building and paying for intubation boxes to be used in hospitals and emergency rooms during the COVID epidemic.

Cortney and his lady Cindy created an NPO, the Red Sled Santa Foundation, which gives funds, gifts, and experiences to a wide variety of needy families and worthy organizations.

His many remarkable creations include a beautiful interactive fantasy sleigh, and amazing props, puppets, and toys.

He has been recognized with many awards including ones from the California Legislature, LAPD, and the medical community. As a Christmas Performer, he has been featured at both the most elite and humble venues in California, and he donates performances and workshops throughout California.