Elizabeth W. Babcock

“Keeping Santa in Stitches”
Albion, New York
1914- 2006

International Santa Claus Hall of Fame – December 2019

Elizabeth W. Babcock
Elizabeth W. Babcock – Albion, New York

For over thirty years, Elizabeth Babcock made Santa Claus Suits that were worthy of the Howard name. Before she took over the suit business Elizabeth worked at Christmas Park for many years in many roles. When the suit business became available, she was the perfect person to keep the tradition going.

Elizabeth knew business, book-keeping, customer service, and most importantly, she could sew. She never strayed from the original concepts of the suit and was loyal to the Howard philosophy to the end of her life.

She made the finest Santa Claus Suits in the world. She used the finest materials. She sewed them to specification to keep the high standard. But the component she added that was the most important to the suit was Elizabeth Babcock’s Santa Claus Suits were made with love.

Elizabeth Babcock passed away in 2006 at the age of 92. She left behind her own legacy of integrity and quality for the sake of keeping Santa looking like he should.